the aftermath of a stressful piano lesson >.<

hi guys.. i’m back!! and was also back from the dreaded piano lesson !! see?? told ya… i survived πŸ˜‰

i was like praying and practicing, praying and practicing the whole day yesterday. God helped me through it ^^ as always and i’ll be forever grateful to Him.

had a wonderful breakfast today. my mom have finally decided to open the pancake mix that has been in our pantry for aaaggeess!!! we bought it at a nearby organic store which happened to be my mom’s friend’s store. it was delicious. i ate 3 pancakes myself! well, mini pancakes that is. my sister made such small pancakes that i have to eat three before i get completely full and ready to face piano lesson once again.

will go shortly after this. might not be able to hang around for long. since it’s now my sister’s turn to have her piano lesson. haha… we both enjoyed playing piano unlike my second sister who was like ignorant of the whole music thing.

i finally get the timed file for the last episode of the drama my team is subbing. i’m going to miss my friends… even though we haven’t even meet officially, i feel like i know them. we know each other through chat box and stuff >> really cool.. i’m hoping to bump into them once more when i stalk other project threads. to all my friends out there– I’M GOING TO MISS YOU GUYS!! *virtual kisses and hugs*

okay. gotta rush. was just popping in for a little update– and yeah, i guess you guys are fed up with my long posts, aren’t you?? Mmm… i’m more than aware of it.

see ya later– probably after lunch time. πŸ˜‰ going to eat out… yipee!!

mood: relieved — phew

listening to: Anyone At All – Carole King

picture: piano by ~DarkShadow1425


okay. i’m actually back. looks like i didn’t make it on time to post it before i went so i’m posting now.. when i have finally got back.

went to see my sister off and then we went grocery shopping. just a little snack and noodles and then we were off again. picked my sister up and then we went eating at this big recreational place called SKI. idk what it stands for, but yeah, it’s a pretty nice place– and very crowded.

i end up eating this mix rice. idk how to describe it =.=a — if you must say, it resembles a bento but indonesian style. so you have chicken, and then soybean curd, and vegetables. it taste goooddd~~ and i’m so full right now. went to my gram’s house for a bit. i didn’t do much there.. i slept. rofl. yes, i’m serious when i say i’m constantly tired these days. my back is aching all over– not in a good way; in a bad way like ‘what have i been doing in the past few days’ kind of way. yeah~ not cool.

bought an ice cream along the way home. i swear i’m going to have to work out today– i can feel the fat building up in my thighs, arms and butt already T.T but i really have to say that the kind of ice cream i ate just now was different. it was an ice cream inside two slices of bread. so it’s like instead of having jam or butter or whatnot, you have ice cream inside πŸ˜€ and mine was chocolate πŸ™‚ chocolate ice cream!! wee hee~~

right. should go now. i have one timed file to edit. the next timed file would probably come today as well, so i better get started if i want to read and brainstorm for my other priorities.

your sleepy writer:

iggs ._.

mood: drowsy


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