marketing; management; communications??? *headdesk*

okay. hi guys… i’m back again ๐Ÿ˜‰

i didn’t update my blog yesterday. figured that i might just as well take a one day hiatus from the internet. i figure that my eye sight is getting worse by the minute and i don’t like that. i love myself and my body… and my beautiful eyes ^^ lol

right. i’m taking as much caffeine as i can take to support my body. it’s not like i’m a caffeine addict or anything, but i did sleep at 1 AM yesterday and woke up at 8 AM to find that i’m rushed out of house and off to my gram’s house to have our traditional sunday morning porridge together. so as of now, i’m in front of my auntie’s laptop (which she has kindly lent me, thank God ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) and is searching for all those majors that looked all the same to me. sickly same. marketing, management, communications is the three main things that i’m searching through google, blackle,, yahoo.. you name it, i’ve visited all the sites.

i just don’t get it. i mean, come on… marketing, management and communications are present hand in hand in this world of advancing business… you know how fond i am for language and i discovered through past psychology tests that i have a talent in persuading people and is also dominant in my interpersonal skills. i’m talking about people, society, community– thus, international business. honestly, i didn’t think about majoring in business before i took that particular psychology test. i’ve always thought that i would be settled as a writer, or a journalist and not landing myself in the world of money and trade.

but yeah, majoring in creative writing would NOT solve my problem… or english, or literature or linguistics. well, linguistics is still in my eligible major list but not so… it’s now about business. business, business, and business..

i’m running out of time. will complete this update once i get home since i’m running right now. should log off from aunt’s lappy and be in the car right now…. until then– will update a picture to go with this update. and we both know that you guys need a rest from my extremely long posts..

see ya ๐Ÿ˜‰


i’m back y’all…

and skipped lunch. weird of me but bowl half full of porridge is enough for me to survive until at least dinner time.

i don’t eat a lot these days… and am constantly tired = not working out regularly. T.T have skipped work out sessions for the past three days now and should be getting back on my feet, doing my rituals again.

i’m not really satisfied of what i’ve been doing since the holiday started. some of my goals are achieved already, but some are not. i should really keep my priorities straight which means i should be doing more reading, piano practicing, brainstorming for writing and also.. believing in myself.

i’ve always known that i’m a tad bit too insecure for my own good.. but i never knew that i’m THAT insecure. i hate it. i don’t believe in myself… and do you know how it feels to be literally walking in your own body, and being you while not actually believing and trusting yourself? it sucks.. and i sound like a mental patient. darn it.

well, that’s it for today. might write again in the afternoon if i don’t get lazy. for now, i’m going to relax and spare myself with those airport fancams + fanaccs ๐Ÿ™‚ and the last drama episode which are already english subbed for me and other international fans who have no idea whatsoever (well, not really no idea.. not that fluent ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) with Japanese.

will be seeing you soon — au revoir

mood: tired, and is trying to freshen up

listening to: the sound of my keyboard when i type fast ^^

picture: marketing by ~kararsizdiyafram


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