the dance off ;)

well, i’m not sure what i’m going to write on today’s update… it’s just that i didn’t do much today. T.T boring stuff… i did edit some pictures of facebook on photoshop… (my weak attempts at photo-shopping things) and posted it again on fb…lol. but yea, that’s about it.

haven’t finished my nails as well… some nail polish are already chipping off my nails and i dread the thought of having to reapply them soon. i’ll post pictures of my nails and of the fb pictures soon 😉 won’t keep you guys waiting… just not today, okay?? i need to sleep soon… need to catch up with some major snooze here.

right. the only thing interesting that happened to me today was dancing on a plastic mat, in my gram’s house, with a dance game running in the PS2. yes… it’s time for Dance Dance Revolution!! rofl. pretty old stuff… and not even a song added. i have to say that it kinda annoys me to play the same song over and over again, but i haven’t played on it since like forever– and so it makes up to it. i’m not that annoyed.

it’s 11.55 PM and i have to go shortly. mom didn’t set a curfew this time since tomorrow’s going to be a saturday (yes, she still insist on me sleeping early on weekdays despite having my holidays already)

i’m not promising anything from now on. i guess pressuring myself on writing isn’t the best way to keep me inspirational. and this blog wasn’t supposed to be a burden anyways… so i’ve decided to just write wherever i want, whenever i want, and about whatever i want. xD that’s life.

that’s it for today peeps… should have some zzz soon… see ya guys!!

mood: being constantly tired now

listening to: Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow – Paula Abdul

picture: Break Dancing 01 by ~D-V


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