the strawberry plastic ring :)

hey guys… it’s me– and i do realize that i missed yesterday’s update. sorry about that. told ya in my previous post that i would be going out with some friends and i actually did yesterday.. luckily i finished all of my responsibilities so my mind wasn’t occupied while window shopping at ZARA.. lol

yes, if you saw my picture. (i’m sorry for the crappy quality. idk what’s wrong with my phone) and the title, you’ll know what i mean. yes, i’m currently obsessed with this ring. and it’s not actually something really precious. it’s plastic, it hurts my fingers with its rough edges and i do get a red circular mark once i take it off, but it is very valuable to me.

so yeah, this post is supposed to be posted yesterday but since i didn’t get to post it, i’m going to post it today 😉 i hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

yesterday, i went to Jakarta and hang out with some friends. well, we did nothing really… we went to this one mall and ate noodles + went to Honeymoon Dessert where i ate a bowl of watermelon tofu pudding. 🙂 yumm~~ subtly sweet.. very much like me. lol. and then we went to another mall to actually play bowling at first. but the plans changed a bit and instead we went into this game arcade. we all agreed to chip in and ride the Twister together. it was SO MUCH FUN!!! it was a short ride, and i had to pay a whopping Rp 30,000 for that ride which only lasted for 4 minutes… really expensive if you think about it… i was almost not going you know, but i thought … the hell with my pocket money which i’ve been saving since forever (you can tell that i’m still not okay with that; but *blows a sigh* it’s only thirty thousand. for friendship 😉 ) but i have to say that it was well worth the ride. not really the ride.. it’s not as exhilarating as riding it at a theme park but it is well worth the togetherness… i really find that valuable to me.

the rest of the credits were used up on taking our pictures taken. we all went into this small photo booth, cramped up and was like posing different and weird poses every time. it was crack-tastic!! i love it to the max. since we could not all get individual pictures ourselves, we’ve decided to post these pictures on our new classroom wall next year… yeap, on our grade 11 classroom window or something. the school lets us decorate each of our individual classes since we have a permanent classroom instead of moving from one class to the other. and yes, we’re going to totally stick up those pictures on the windows… ^^ for memories sake.

we also played this ‘hit’ game… idk what the real name for the game T.T sorry… but it’s this game where you try to stop the light at ‘Bonus’ to achieve 250 tickets. we didn’t get the bonus though… not our luck, but we did get a lot of tickets. we are thinking of spending those tickets since we are not frequent visitors of that particular game arcade… and when we were looking for these rings, i told my friends to just pick a ring for each of us– the ring acting as a friendship ring. everyone agreed and so we pick our plastic rings… each of us having different ‘charms’ (i’ll just call it that) attached to our own ring. mine’s a strawberry… not for any specific reasons.. i just thought that it was cute. i love this ring. idk how many times have i said it but i do xD

right. gonna write up my next update… the today update… yeay!!~~ wait up readers…  and stay tuned


mood: happy

listening to: sang ‘Rasa Ini- Vierra’ with BFF on the way home… feels like karaoke 🙂 ~


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