old love~

hey peeps… it’s me.. and i’m back from such a tiring day. i think i’m going to sleep early today, like 8.30 or something. and wake up at 7 tomorrow… again, piano was *whistles* forgotten. idk how to actually make myself move on with this thing. i’m quitting once i get the examination. can’t stand it anymore.

right. today is my gramp’s brother’s 50th anniversary. i was given a chore (let’s just say it like that) and was standing in front of the reception hall entrance smiling and letting the guests sign the guest book. it’s okay, i mean, i’ve done it like 4 times, including this one. wedding anniversaries are always good fun 😉 but what is most touching is when we are inside one of the ballroom having a small mass together to say our prayers and thanks to God who have let the two old couples be together for 50 years. it started okay at the beginning, but when it comes to renewing the wedding promise and my uncles + aunties + cousins taking turns to congratulate the old couple, it felt so touching. idk why… was it the back ground music that made it so teary-ly happy or was it just the atmosphere itself?? even an uncle of mine who was sitting next to me was silently crying. i mean, i knew he cried, but pretended that i didn’t know because i know how embarrassing it would be for him if i bluntly showed him that i knew he was weeping. lol. i myself was trying to not cry because:

one: it would be rather embarrassing if i cried for no reason since i’m not really from the close family circle…;

two: i’m really trying to fast from crying. i cry all the time right now. such a crybaby;

and three: my eyeliner is not waterproof.. like seriously… if i ever go to such wedding anniversaries, i will splurge on a good waterproof eyeliner so that i can cry my eyes out at moments like that. it was kinda hard to contain the tears. but i managed 😉

party = reception = FOOD. yeap… being a food junkie that i am, of course i hunted for the good foods.. but it wasn’t really hunting when all the good foods are lain before you. the first thing i did when i get to eat was queue for the sushi bar. and then tempura, and then some salad and then dim sum and finally some frozen yoghurt with all the toppings provided >> marshamallows, mochi, chocolate chips, almond & peach. a pretty long list, eh? yes… like literally. i ate that much. and now, i’m bloated.

about my cousins and aunties and uncles : they’re ALL gorgeous and handsome… rofl. i just couldn’t pick the prettiest or the handsomest. they’re all really really really pretty. and handsome for the guys :p i know there are lots of other beautiful people out there in this big big world, but at that moment, i feel that i have the prettiest and handsomest cousins in the whole world. i now realize that the phrase: everyone is beautiful is not just crap sayings. also they dress uniformly, and the dress itself is really glamorous with a pinkish red color for the base and some hints of gold. it’s not too flashy and shabby, but it stands out.. you know what i mean?? nvm. i’m rambling again. bottom line, i will give them a 9.3 out of 10. 😀

then, when i finally get home, my mom told me to clean up my room because if not, i would be grounded from the internet for a whole day. grounded means not getting on the internet (tsk. obviously), which also means that i can’t keep track of the PMs that my forum friends left me, which means i might not be able to edit given projects or publish given tasks from my coordinator, which means that i have to clean up my room. so, sore footed from the approx. 3 hours of heels on my feet, i set on to tidying my room. spring cleaning –nope. scratch that. summer cleaning.

and zomg. i just realized that i was too dirty to be a girl. seriousness… i’m not lying, nor am i exaggerating, nor am i hyperbole-ing. i have trash saved from the year of 2007 in my drawers.. and loads of them. it’s practically something i should’ve thrown away 3 years ago.. bleh~ disgusting. i took a long time sorting all the trash and trinkets out of my drawers, chucking them in the bin and filing out the remnants of useful papers. until finally, my room is once again, decent. i hope this time, it would last for a long time– before i have to, again, clean my room.

speaking of publishing, i haven’t told you that i was accepted in this publishing team. different forum, but still volunteer work. you know what? i’m thinking that i’m either a workaholic or just plainly a lunatic. when everyone else is taking  extra AP classes, i’m taking too much volunteer work for my own good. with a new semester coming up… and me taking the science stream, being an editor and now a journalist on one of the publishing team, i’m not sure how i’m going to do this. plus, i have mandarin, japanese lessons, piano… i really have to pray and ask for God’s mercy to help on the way. plus… those are volunteer work = no dollars involved. i work for free. right.. ridiculous.

but oh well, no pain, no gain. i have to admit that editing and now, writing, are forms of personal satisfaction to me. i like both and doing those to help other people have their videos subbed or enjoying my article in the online magazine makes me really happy. ++ it helps with my CV as i’ve previously mentioned on my other posts. so mutual gain. no worries.

right. i have to do a little exercise right now. even though i’m really tired, exercising before bed helps me to doze off quicker and i really need super quick things right now. i’m running out of time. *sigh* and then take a shower and then SLEEEEPP!! ^^ happy with my plan.

so yeah, since i’m having my holidays now, official starting yesterday, i’m going to have a lot of time on my hands, and i promise i’ll update often. so keep an eye on my other upcoming posts dears..

au revoir mon cheries


mood: tired but is on top of the happy wheel 😀

listening to: Empire State of Mind – Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keyes

picture: old love by ~iceee83 those are not my grandparents on the picture above. those are << iceee83’s  (the photographer) grandparents. just a form of disclaimer so no misunderstandings would occur. and i’ll try to publish some pictures once i’m tagged on facebook. but mind you, i’m always crappy at uploading pictures, so bear with me.


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