true colors

again, a not so creative title.

i’m back from pizza hut!! the party was a blast. lots of food… and really, a food fest. ate a lot today, i just hope that my body wouldn’t expand in a night.

so today, i had my end of year performance. the theme: true colors. ^ title (elbows readers) haha… right? told ya i’m not good with titles.

true colors for me? … being different is beautiful. people tend to stay away from you if you’re different. you can see that mirrored in everyday life. i kinda hate it when people bully other people just because they act different or look different or have a different perspective than the majority. it’s not fair you know… because being different is not a sin. pardon me for saying this, but to me, the community of my school itself is such a hypocrite to do that play. somehow it feels ironic when i think about it. because my school in particular… however subtle it is, i can see that they try to make students uniform. like trying to mechanize them into ‘straight a’ students. for some, it doesn’t take a lot of effort because they like learning (points to myself… haha.. i love learning–hate studying. there’s a difference between those two) for others, it’s not what they are.. you know. you can’t just shove them with a pile of books and say ‘memorize’. that’ll be ridiculous. even i don’t memorize books.. that would be too cruel, eh?

but my opinion doesn’t matter. no one listens to you.. because you’re not powerful. however ‘democratic’  the school might be, it is not up to the student’s decision to voice out their opinions. they speak when they are told and stay silent when they’re not supposed to talk. it’s always like that… we need a revolution. like seriously.

right. went back from the performance utterly wasted. had 4 hours before the pizza hut thing in which i wrote here… check my two previous posts and you’ll understand what i mean by this.

completely bloated. i ate one pizza, some salad, 3/4 cream soup, half bruchetta, 1 1/2 glass of lemon tea, strands of fetucinni (? can’t spell it.. excuse my spelling error) and spaghetti.. and ice cream. really, i just hope i don’t get fat overnight because i’m going to do some anniversary chores tomorrow… let’s just say it like that. i’m going to be that girl standing in front of the reception hall greeting the guests and giving them the gifts. my gramp’s brother is having his 50th anniversary and i’m in charge of that.. so yeah. i’m praying to God that i don’t gain weight overnight (it’s quite impossible anyways, right?)

wasted, tired, exhausted.. but happy 🙂 i’m having a grin stapled on my face because today is such a fruitful day. just read some fanfics and watched ep 10 of the drama i’m editing. and yeah… this is the second last episode which means, i’m editing two more projects of this drama and the drama itself will officially end. sad and happy at the same time because i feel a sense of accomplishment for literally editing one whole drama 😉 (yeay me!!) and sad because i’m going to have to say goodbye to the team.. but oh well, we’ll meet each other again on some other projects available there.. i’ll be an active member still and will look for more editing projects 😉 haha.. workaholic.

that’s it i guess. i should go in my room soon if i don’t want mom to barge in here and cut off the internet connection T.T so … see ya!!

mood: content

listening to: Ring Ding Dong – SHINee

picture: true colors by ~theperspective


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