smelly thursday~ ++ hand prints and aerosol sprays too!!

*bows down and is uttering unintelligible words regarding an apology*

okay, i’m sorry… i really really am. thursday was a mess… both in class and in my head.

idk why i was helping the props team… it’s as if i don’t have anymore things to do when i do have a lot of things to do. so yeah, since i’m leaving you out of 2 updates…3 including today, imma give you a round out of ALL the days i’m missing in separate posts… each. there.. i don’t feel so guilty anymore 😉

right… thursday… let me recall my memory. okay, my classroom was awfully stinky. that’s the only way i could describe it. i was just done doing the hand prints for the background banner and it was time for it to be sprayed. the reason for the spraying is so that the colors wouldn’t fade if so to say it rains at night .. some sort of a clear polish over it. like clear top coat for nail polish 😉

i was dizzy to say the least. it was ~ bleh… intoxicating. it does smell like nail polish but 100000000~% worse. idk how to describe it- and this one is kinda different than the others. i did some graffiti work previously and it doesn’t smell as bad. idk why this particular band emits such a strong smell, but it sure wasn’t nice. it was a total gross to the nose.

that’s it really… i did my last mandarin lesson before the holidays. and yeah… not much. it was an okay day and my mood was okay… not sad, not that happy either. i’m just fine.

*note: i wouldn’t put on the mood and listening to sections cos it would be such a waste since i forget the exact detail already.*

beware of my next friday post! it’s coming shortly.

pictures: Childrens Hands 1 by ~mickeyd600


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