friday: karaoke traumatized

right. look at the title and you’ll figure out what i did yesterday.

right. me and a couple of my friends went to the movies since it was the last day of school before the performance and the long awaited HOLIDAY ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ + some of my friends are leaving and my ex hasn’t treated us yet for his birthday so yeah, we went. it was a VERY VERY tiring day. i never do all three at once. it would either be just the movies, or just eating, or just karaoke-ing. not all three of them together.. but yesterday, i had the privilege of knowing what it feels like to do all of them in one day and boy was i tired. ++ we went after school which is like 2PM and i was exhausted. take my status as ‘home girl’ into consideration as well… bottom line, yesterday was different.

right… nothing actually happen at the movies or when we eat. we watched Toy Story 3 in 3D and it was sad. really really sad for a cartoon… would it be lame to say that i cried? but i did. it was about losing your friendship… although i know that in the end, they will get back together, it feels heart breaking to see Andy (one of the main characters fyi) drive away to college without his toys. it was really really sad. i haven’t watch Shrek yet… but in my BFF’s opinion, Toy Story 3 is better. yeah, the movie reminds me of her. but a good thing did happen (which i’m going to explain to you on my next post… so keep reading ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

i ate chicken cordon bleu with a friend in this restaurant. the original plan was only him treating us for the movies but he ended up paying for the meals as well… and yes, the real thing happened when we were in the karaoke place. again, i’m not paying. lol. i didn’t spend even a coin on anything beside a birthday card that i bought personally. everything else was paid for… to tell you the truth, it feels like heaven.. lol. i know, i’m such a cheap bastard. i mean, yes, i do go to a good school and have decent clothes and have a house.. but it’s not my house…get what i mean? i’m just staying for a while in here… my parents are rich, and not me… so technically, i still have to save for the things that i want. it doesn’t feel right asking for those things from my mom and dad if it weren’t for christmas presents or the like.

moving on~ it was a bit stuffy in there.. and the lights kinda make my vision blurry.. plus i was exhausted. i did mention that earlier, right? we were singing usual songs.. mainly love songs because those are what songs are based on nowadays… until it gets into something rather touchy…

let me make this clear. my ex had a girlfriend already after i break up with him. and for some reasons that idk, they broke up. i mean, i do get a little nauseous when they are together because i do not enjoy PDAs… add to the fact that i spend my ENTIRE junior high school years watching my first ex and his girlfriend do PDAs and now i have to endure my sophomore high school year watching my second ex with his girlfriend do PDAs. what’s weird is that i’m always seated at a rather… not strategic place if i might say. don’t get me wrong, i move on and does not have anymore feelings for either of them.. it’s just that now, i have the feeling that this second ex of mine is wanting me back. *haha.. the way i put it sounds so wrong. wtv*

the thing about me is that i don’t do the same relationship twice. not now… maybe in the future i will make some considerations but for now, i know that if for some reasons we are not meant to be together then… it’s the end. i’m not like some other couples who break up and make out and break up again and make out again several times until they eventually break up with a more broken heart. that would be awful. once is enough for me and that is that.

i don’t know why i was so stupid yesterday… i didn’t quite know the songs and thus the lyrics. i’ve just heard the song a couple of times through the radio and thought that it was nice so i chose that song. the lyrics really really really (and i’m not exaggerating) conveyed my feelings. it was like… woah! am i singing this? add to the fact that i’m a really crappy singer so yeah… double embarrassments. and then the songs sung after that by my friends like tells the story about my ex and his ex girlfriend, or me and my ex–and that was just horrible. i swear that i’m not doing karaoke in a long shot after this. like really… nu-uh.

so yeah, i went home safe and sound. but i still had to make a birthday card .. yes manually!! because it turns out my mom didn’t like the card that i picked for her… saying that it was too small so of course, even though the fault is subjective, i still end up making one anyway. stayed until late, so my plan of writing in here yesterday was diminished due to that. again, my sincere apology.

finally… next update. today’s update!! yee-hee!!~~ i might write after i went back from pizza hut. cousin’s birthday… or might i say cousins’?? they’re actually sisters of different age and not twins.. if you know what i mean. they just happen to be born on the same date and the same month. isn’t that cute?? well, until then guys… toodles~

picture: melodies by ~cren


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