10.51 update

okay, not so much of a post title.. but i’m not in my creative state right now… sorry for that.

so i was just back from the mall… actually from the cinema. caught a 7.45PM movie with my parents and second sister and we watched ‘Prince of Persia – The Sands of Time’.

you know what i’m going to say, won’t you?? i just cannot resist such a great idea and just something powered by imaginations… i just can’t help it. everything is good in my eyes… so yes, Prince of Persia is good for me… you will now know that i will say a lot of ‘good’ s to books and movies. rest assured that you will always find me enjoying anything related to the imaginations except for horrors and just really nonsensical pieces of crap made without the souls of an artist. and yeah, i’ve seen movies like that. i feel like wasting my pocket money watching that kind of stuff… really useless.

being a Disney movie, it is kinda predictable. i mean, if you compare the movie with Lion King, you’ll find that it is pretty similar in some parts. for once, Mufasa did have a back-stabbing brother ( i forgot the name of the black mane lion.. but oh well) … and when the movie first showed that malicious second brother i just knew that he was going to be the bad guy. i mean,… come on.. can you be more obvious than this? bald, black eyeliner, blue… very different from his brother who is to say shaggy haired, minimal make up, red… it is not a sin to be different, but in this kind of movies, it is those differences that signifies a character. you don’t want to make a character too different from one another ‘cos the audience (like what i did just now) will be able to point at the character and say ‘that’s the bad guy. period.’

nevertheless, who can refuse a Disney movie? i mean since we’re toddlers and babies, Disney (may he RIP) will be the first person to make you fall in love in the world of magic and fantasy. i used to have this little movie rental shop just across the street to my former home. it was when movie discs are still as big as a the size of a plate and you have like this special player to play this discs in. i will rent every week. i’m seriously one of their biggest customers, but i will only borrow two things. it will either be Cinderella, or 101 Dalmations. and BOTH are Disney produced. you cannot NOT love Disney. and especially for me, Disney movies holds a big room in my heart because it is also because of Disney that i have dreams and goals in my life… saying it in Disney terms = i’m not lost.

so yeah, the usual. the tagline that appears at the prologue was again repeated at the epilogue. well, it is not really the usual and i quite enjoyed it actually. it makes sense now when the tagline said something along the lines of ‘some lives are tied within the calling that echoes through time’. and TIME itself is the keyword here. of course, being a Disney movie, you just cannot have a sad ending… and the movie is fully packed and stored with words such as destiny, fate, love, life, brotherhood, bonds, strong, and the like.

i’ve always been a great fan of Jake Gyllenhaal. i think he’s not just hottie or a handsome or whatever it is that people calls him… i think he’s a really really really good actor. i mean, look at his character!! i don’t know him personally in real life (of course.. duhh~ who am i? tsk) but what i like about him is that he can portray his characters with so much soul and he even held respect for the character itself. he didn’t really change the character, but you just can see a little bit of him inside the character.. which i think is good. plus, i have the feeling that Disney casted him to attract female viewers (such as myself :p) to watch this movie even when we’re not exactly game maniacs (correct me if i’m wrong, but i believe that Prince of Persia was once a video game)

Gemma Arterton on the other hand… i don’t quite know her. just did some googling on her right after i arrived home because i think she’s one gorgeous dame. and omg… she’s pretty, intelligent and is taking the acting world by storm!! you know you can’t trust everything they say on the internet, but i read some quotes of her from IMDb and i should say that she’s an actress with not only beauty and brain but also with good behavior and attitude, and i think that is what matters the most. i love her british accent (well, i do love british accents in general :3), i think she’s a hell of an english rose, and i like her as an actress. i also discovered the fact that she has 6 fingers on each hand??? !!! WOW. that was unexpected. the only other star i knew who was born with more fingers was Marilyn Monroe (again, let her RIP). and it was her toes,… if i’m not mistaken. anyways, here’s one picture of her that i absolutely love. 🙂

and she said this:

They sent me to a personal trainer, wanted to get my teeth done, hair extensions, make me look like somebody else. And that’s fine I had the tan, I had the hair, I went to the gym. I became the thing they wanted me to be for the part. But I don’t agree with what they think is beautiful because it’s not me. Unless you’re really famous and successful then they’re going to bully you into going to the gym. It’s a side of the industry that I find uncomfortable.

i cannot agree more with her statement. i mean, i do understand the needs of an actress to be pretty and to act professionally she will have to obey the director’s order. plus, try portraying the said ‘most gorgeous woman living in the whole planet at Persian time’ and i guess you can more or less imagine how big her burden was to portray that kind of character. not to mention that beauty is a truly subjective matter… it must be hard for her to actually portray that sort of character and be confident with who she is. so a standing ovation for her on that one 😉 plus the fact that she always stay grounded and down to earth; to say that she isn’t ‘hot’ enough is really such a big sarcasm. she is fitted for the role in the Bond movie. i just don’t get how people needs someone ‘hotter’. i believe that if a girl or if a woman for that matter is sexy, she shouldn’t need to act sexy. it will show from her inside out… tsk. lots of people are just too conceited regarding this matter.

okay… it’s time for me to go now… i’m actually really tired and even thought of not writing today, but i know that a reader (or probably none) is waiting for an update. and i’m trying to be dedicated here.. i really do try. turns out i wrote a 1211 word long post. doubling the size of my last essay assessment T.T gosh… such a rambler.

anyways, imma head the sheets right now. got an editing job to do… grr.. might just do that first before going to sleep. responsibilities… ya know? right. see ya next time *waves*

p.s.: don’t you just love that back ground song that exists in almost all thriller/fantasy/science fiction movie trailers where a lot of people like did a choir on those dramatic sound effects? i just simply love it ❤


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