popping in–

hey guys… it’s me again…

okay, today’s a Thursday… which means…. last day of examinations!! YES!! finally…

so i went home at about 11.45 today. had a quick lunch and surfed the internet for a bit.

and now i’m landing here.. and is happy to have landed here… and writing again.

i’ve only got a while though… since it’s almost two, i’m going to go to pick my sister up, wait for her finish her piano and then go back to school again for Mandarin. not complaining, because studying Mandarin is fun 🙂

i’m seeing the positive things here… i flung one test. physics. T.T i can actually answer all the questions, but time is just too mean. plus the teacher in charge is just so strict you just have to finish and drop your pencil at 11.15 sharp. ridiculous. really… i wouldn’t mind not knowing my physics result.

will write about my results later on… i’m going now… so later 😉


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