because a girl’s gotta do what a girl gotta do

okay, i’m back. partly because i wanted to say hello, partly because i felt guilty leaving you guys with a not-so-decent blog post… so yeah! here i am…

right. my condition is pretty much still the same since i’m still having my finals. tomorrow’s the last day, of which i’m grateful of… but i will still have 2 more weeks of school, and then performance rehearsals, some RLJ to complete and then it’s done! the school year will officially end. hooray!!~~ 🙂

so, friends are going out tomorrow right after the last exam, which is 10-11ish something…? yea, that’s about right. i don’t know if i’m going or not. it’s not like i want to not socialize or anything, but lately, i just want to stay at home. basically i’m someone who enjoys staying at home and do stuff like baking and reading and writing, and listening to music… but i’m more like that right now. idk if this whole exam stuff had turned me into a more family oriented girl (of which i already am… probably to a deeper extent than usual?) or has made me insanely nerdy as to refuse the invitation of watching together tomorrow.

i’m actually in the middle of saving my money right now. and i’m serious when i’m saying that. i spent most of my savings on the australia trip and now i should start all of this from null once more… some luck, eh? oh well…

having flu. bleh.. i hate being sick. the whole class was and still is practically sneezing and coughing. i don’t feel well.. plus the fact that i’m sleep deprived is not helping me with my condition. i woke up at 4 AM straight for the past 3 days, not including today and is intending to do it again tomorrow. woo~ 5 days of sleeping at 9-10ish and waking up at 4.

but i’m just a girl and not God. i can only do what all humans do and for that i shall try my best (you’re sick and tired of hearing the word ‘best’ aren’t you? but oh well…) i will fight till the end of this all… i still remember my promise 😉

will see ya guys again tomorrow with a more exciting post. exams will be over tomorrow… and i’ll be looking forward to that. last stop… communication skills. a girl’s gotta do what a girl gotta do. and this girl should complete her last update for today, log off, sleep and wake up tomorrow before dawn to study her last finals. 😀

mood: tired, grumpy

listening to: my yawns

picture: Girl by ~Exemi


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