studying in advance


mina! gomenasai *bows down*

i really really really didn’t have time yesterday as i was determined to actually finish with my synopsis. and i did! major yeay for me!  😀

today, studying time. really, i’m studying in advance cos i know that i’m going to be busy that week. if you read my previous blogs, you know i did some editing for an online forum that i joined and so i’ve thought for a long time now and i’ve decided to not go to a hiatus either in editing or in any other forum thing that i do. they did offer me a break though, but being a permanent staff for a drama which is currently airing, i feel bad for the coordi (whom i really adore 🙂 she’s so nice)… so yea… i’m working extra hard this week.

everything’s went well, better than i’ve expected. sometimes God makes a good twist in the tale and i’m really grateful for all those good twists 😉 i mean who doesn’t? right? probably will be doing another bonus RLJ for the precious ibu anke.. and will set on studying chemistry…

apart from exams (which i despise), everything is going just fine if not smoothly. friends and socializing became A-OK all of a sudden and i’m not complaining 😉 got forum friends who is more than understanding, and i feel comfortable now. i realize that i cannot let work pressure me down from being happy. and that’s what i’m going to do.

decided to take a science stream next year instead of the socio-science one. i guess i might just study science since i’m planning on majoring in language and probably linguistics… which is ‘the science’ of language. i’m hoping to have good marks and be able to actually apply to a university in Japan at the end of high school. wish me luck!

mood: fighter

listening to: Don’t Say You Love Me – M2M

picture: studying by =Ronaaa

note about picture: i found this in and the user said that she studied (i think she’s a ‘she’) her A-level exams there.. and i was like omshizNITS!! i would kill to have a study place like that. and i so love the IKEA heart cushion that she has. i wish i could have a study place like that with daisies around. (fyi… daisies are my favorite flower) awesome picture and credits are written on the above.


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