don’t stamp me as a crybaby. please. i’m not myself.

i’m under stress… yeap. stress… you got that right.

in case you need a reminder… today’s a Monday. and i thought i’d never go through this day. surprisingly, Monday can be worse a day for me than it ever was. but i’m not surprised. not when life is full of surprises these days.

i just couldn’t do this anymore. in one hand, i feel like the whole world is just so mean… but then again, i’m disappointed with me being like this. i want to be the cheerful iggy i once was. i will try my best to be like that once more. you can hold my word for that.

i hate being blue all the time. i want to be red… yellow… green even. anything but blue.


okay really… i reflect at what makes me sad the most.. and i found it. yeap… ^ look at the title!! ^ assumptions. the heck with assumptions.

my teacher assuming that i’m not practicing enough. wrong.

my friend assuming that i’m leaving her. wrong.

my sister assuming that i’m twittering instead of doing my essays. wrong.

the world assuming i’m okay. wrong.

wrong. wrong. wrong.


i’m really tired of this all. how i wanted to just yell on the top of my lungs and say “you DON’T know anything.”

but i can’t without the whole world thinking that i’m one crazy little girl just craving for attention. i’m not.

maybe i’m just stressed out and sleep deprived to think straight. plus i’m tired. *side comment: how many times did i say i’m tired in this post? count them yourself*

but on a lighter note. she came back 😀 i was grinning from my left cheek to my right cheek. the whole way. and i felt that life is easier to live with her around. (i’m hyperbole-ing yes… but hey! everyone needs someone to rely on, right?)

okay. let me do the regular.

2 reflective learning journals, math formula summary, synopsis, bla bla bla and more bla bla blas. i’m tired… (add that one too)

i was done with editing but had to sleep at midnight yesterday. that was obviously not a good idea, ‘cos i sort of got a major headache this morning.

but the world will go round… and i have to be prepared. i will fight!!!!! i might be exhausted and all, but i’m not stupid. i’m going to march in the war proud and tall. i’m going to go through this all. pray for me.. k’? and i’ll pray for you all people who is now suffering, for whatever reason… let’s go through this together. because together we’re strong ^^ believe that.


mood: tired, but willing to move on

listening to: Knock Knock – Lenka

p.s. my friend’s going to Japan today. yeap. Japan. how i wish i’m her right now. night plane – 10PM. but then again, this might not be my time… yet. i’m going to keep working hard until God finally open the door to my journey. until then… i’m going to anticipate that time. 😀 *forms lumen with mouth and start sucking up the positive energy*


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