hey all of you bloggers.. it’s iggs again in here. on a Sunday morning.

i realized that my last post was like Monday? so technically i didn’t update for almost a week *bricked herself*

i’m busy… please believe that. and i’m tired and exhausted.

and i should just SUCK IT UP. i’m having my finals next week, i still have to do a synopsis for a whole book, i still have to think about the science thing for end of year performance, and she’s drifting away…

i’m not someone who depends entirely on another human being… i can note that i’m adequately independent. but i live in a community and i need friends. even Tarzan is friends with animals. i’ve decided on one thing though… i’m not an elementary student anymore, so if she decided to just go, i will let her go… i think that that’s the definition of a true friend. i will just let her be and i would always have my arms open if she is ever going to come back. i can’t say that i’m 100% sure of my actions now.. but i will be. i have to be sure.. someday.

things are getting out of hand. the piano thing, the editing thing, the homework, the finals, the friends. everything. i feel like i’m running and rushing against time. when i say that time is moving quicker than it ought to be, it wasn’t just a stupid metaphor (it is not even original) i’m saying it because i’m really feeling it. 24 hours a day is no longer enough for me. so much to do and so little time… i’m tired. like really.

moan moan moan. all i can do is moan moan moan. sick of it.

i will try my best. as always. *sucking all the positive energy left in this world*

HWAITING! we can do it y’all!

mood: not sure. jumbled up.

listening to: Making My Way – Leslie Mills


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