okay. the title said it all. today’s a sunday, but i’m so freakin’ tired already i just want to hit the sheets and sleep.

right, but since i didn’t update yesterday, i’m determined to write today.. so here i am.

so for a round of my daily activities today, i ate congee for breakfast. it was actually a tradition for our family and sunday is famous for porridge day. the tradition was broken for a while, but then my mom decided that she will ‘reinforce’ the tradition once again.

i went to the internet straight away because i have a hunch that my editing job will be assigned today and lo and behold~ the timed pieces did came today. and two of them T.T so naturally, i skipped lunch, spending most of my noon and afternoon working on editing both of the timed pieces and just got it right before dinner. then i ate dinner, roasted chicken with herbs tonight. yumm~ ๐Ÿ™‚ that’s a good thing. i ate lots of carrots and beans.. (i’m a veggie junkie in today’s world of junk food, and i’m proud of it ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) and just took a bath after working out. i read a few fan fictions and did continue on my reading… haven’t finished drafting yet, and i felt so tired already. i know my stamina comes up short these days and i do get tired a lot. so i’ve decided to end this day early and just go to bed like what my body wants.

oh, and today, i get to watch the thomas cup finals. in case you’re clueless as to what i’m talking about, i’m talking about the badminton competition. China VS Indonesia. i’m half chinese, but it pains me so much to know that indonesia lost… again. i guess my sense of nationalism still runs concentrated in my blood despite having chinese descendants. of course i do complain about my country.. A LOT. like most teenagers out there do… but this is the land in which i was born, in which i was raised and in which i had developed until i am like this. it might be an entirely different story if for instance i was raised in china. so i’m proud of this country. REALLY PROUD.

aside from that, today can be considered as a really normal sunday. i get on with my reading, editing, i practiced piano for a little while… and i should probably get going with my writing as well…

i probably forgot to mention this to you, but i’m actually trying to write… not write something short or flimsy, but a real story. a real book. or a novel if you please. i just hope that i can go through this whole obstacle and could finish my book like this year. it’s promising, i can assure you… but time has been the greatest challenge. time and that little thing called writer’s block. gosh… lots of things are heading my way. nonetheless… i have to keep being optimistic! HWAITING!

until then…

mood: in the mood of pressuring myself to move forward

listening to: Mirror Mirror – M2M


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