hey peeps. it’s morning already in here. sunday. 12.05 to be exact.

i did said i would write a post ‘tonight’ and i’m currently writing right now. the term should’ve been ‘written’ when you read it but… oh well..

my dad came home today. as i’ve said in my earlier post, his bestfriend’s brother died. and so he came back to pay his respects. but i’m happy that he’s back. i’ve missed him 😉 haven’t i told you before? my dad works at Semarang. bottom line, a different city and province than the one i’m settling in. he usually come home every month, but i miss him still. he will only stay until tuesday this time. and i’m already dreading that day. i like it when he’s here. i feel more secure. and i think my mom feels that also. she often said to me that she slept more peacefully when he’s around. and i couldn’t help but smile 🙂 it makes me feel really grateful when she said that. it proves that i have loving parents who also love each other. and that’s what matters right?

oh… and guess what? i successfully made my chocolate mousse! i really did it. and i’m not trying to be a show off or anything, but it actually tasted really good!! i’m proud of myself. hahaha… and i’m thinking of bringing some for the language presentation i’m having next wednesday. i’m just hoping that i’ll still make good chocolate mousse in time for wednesday. haha…

well, that’s about it i guess.. tired, sleepy… and my hunch was right. i did get an editing job today.. but i finished it already. *breathing out*

good night ~ or good morning.. (since it’s 12 AM already) i’m officially a nocturnal right now >.<

mood: relieved

listening to: Sunao Ni Narenakute – Sayuri Suragawa


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