easy, peasy let’s get busy, i get dizzy ~ :(

okay. long story short. i’m really really experiencing a hectic schedule in here.

let me list it for you.

CV, personal statment, essay planning, maths, university research, bahasa advertising project, … reading.

the latter is not that important, but oh my shiz nits am i busy. this is getting out of hand. time management…tsk. time management.

i wasn’t actually planning to just write this. a really really short post. i actually wanted to discuss something with you guys, but due to my brimming full schedule, i might have to postpone my long posts tomorrow. hopefully tomorrow morning.

the only good thing is that i took a long long bath this afternoon. my hair still smells like honey and my body like peach and whipped cream. yumm 🙂 haha.. i’m obsessed with the smell of my toiletries. they smell so tasty 😉

that’s it for today. will update tomorrow. and that’s a promise ^^

wish me luck~ i’ll cry myself a river if i’m done.


mood: twitchy

listening to: Feedback – Janet Jackson


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