simply magic :)

yo~~~ iggs here and back for another update.

first of all, today has been a wonderful tuesday. i’m determined to make every morning a beautiful one. good mood, good morning, good everything = a good day. nice formula.. guaranteed to work.

so yeah, i’m finally fulfilling my goals of reading those pile of abandoned books in my room.. and i have to say that i’m not regretting my decision ๐Ÿ˜‰ well, anyone who knows me knows that i’ve always been a HUGE fan of books. and when i say huge, i MEAN huge.

reading this book, it’s called Simply Magic by Mary Balogh. thus referring to the title above. haha.. (i always have predictable titles don’t i? well, i’m not in the creative mood right now.. so, bear with me guys ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

guess what type of book it is?? yeap! you guessed it. romance. well, semi classical romance. (i warned you i love romance of all kind). i haven’t get a taste of the real plot here since i just started, but i fell in love with the hero and the heroine of the book in a snap. when i said that i could imagine what they look like when reading a book, i just realized that i kind of left the rougher appearance out. so like the eyes, the nose, the hair and whatnot, i leave it to the book to describe. but what i imagine is usually the image of that person. what does the person portray in the book. as a protagonist, they should have their own distinct characteristics… and that is what i see in every book characters. which makes it the more interesting ๐Ÿ˜‰

i guess that will be the only update that i would write today. sorry for making it short.. or are you rejoicing because of this? which ever. i really need to complete my CV since my teacher said that my last one was ABSOLUTELY and UTTERLY wrong, so i have to do it again. naturally… psh. and of course, publisher is acting up on viv which makes the job a zillion percent harder than it should’ve been. logging out blog… don’t miss me ^^ i’ll come visit you tomorrow morning if possible.

until then~

mood: thinking mood

listening to: Mirotic Accoustic Ver. – DBSK


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