self denial~

morning 😀 been a long time since i gave morning updates. feeling diligent today… currently updating my blog in gram’s house. in this case, grams from my mother’s side.

typing from uncle’s laptop since it was too troublesome to bring viv here plus i was just back from church so… yeah. too much inconvenience. and auntie was just so nice as to say i could borrow uncle’s laptop. actually, she’s been nice ALL THE TIME. lol, cos this is not the first time i’m asking to borrow his lappy. ^^

had an early lunch today. a very early one since it’s not even 10 AM and i had already eaten lunch. lol. i had my lunch at approx 7 AM. i know right?? it was a breakfast lunch. a brunch?? even though it didn’t actually pass as a brunch as well considering the time. but oh well, i had noodles and wanton and meatballs. yumm~ plus coffee and vanilla cream biscuits. oh and not to forget the mini vanilla ice cream i had for dessert. yes, my stomach is even digesting the remains of my dessert right now so i guess i will not be eating until like 5 PM.

that’s mostly everything that occurred to me this morning, nothing eventful (and i have to say that i’m a little glad because of that), i did get through with The Alchemyst book and will talk about that later on another blog post. probably when i get home, but who knows?? i might be itching to write and would actually update in a span of 2 to 3 hours?? let’s just see…

so i’m actually inspired to write about this blog post because of my editing project. seriously, i’m not bluffing. if you read my recent blog posts, you know that i’m one of the editors working in a subbing team. i’ll probably explain more about my current fetish to korean boybands but this subbing squad is basically a team that help translate videos relating to this boyband called DBSK which are hosted in a different language, most commonly korean, japanese and a little mandarin. my mandarin and japanese skills are not enough to actually translate anything but i’ve always been interested with editing so i did the test and was accepted as an editor. at least working in a non-profit organization like this can help with my CV 😉 double benefit

enough with the background info, i’m now currently in a team which is subbing a j-drama called Sunao Ni Narenakute. in short, it means ‘hard to say i love you’. despite the cheesy title and the japanese language, this j-drama actually adopts the name from an english song. i just realized this a couple of minutes ago that they got it from the song Hard To Say I Love You sung by an old band named Chicago. and aside from the theme song, there are songs from the romantic comedy movie The Holiday, specifically Hans Zimmer songs and also the DJ song by the Ting Tings. seriously, really random.

anyways, this Sunanare ( let’s just call it like that) drama is centered on five people meeting up at twitter. it might sound strange, but they act as their alter ego. one person acting as a flight attendant, a doctor, a well-known photographer, high school teacher and also a journalist. but deep down inside, they know that they’re self denying themselves. you know, that feeling when you smile, laugh, fool around with your friends so that you will be okay when you’re not? yeah?? well i do that all the time. i’m not that type of person who can cry on their own free will. being bullied in elementary-junior high school, i’ve decided that i should toughen up and be the girl that i should be. so crying is not something that comes by me naturally. i cry when i no longer can contain myself, when i finally have to yield. that’s when i cry, but i don’t do it on a daily basis. and for me, that’s a form of self denial.

and without me knowing it, i’m surrounded by people who self denied themselves. i guess you can call self denial as a subtle life aspect that gets stupid once it is out of control. and you do suffer from self denial… when you realize that you no longer can do it, and breaking down in the end. that sucks.

that’s it for today. will post something sometime later. really, if i do have the time. got a lot in my hands today…

mood: drowsy

listening to: BGM of Mario Kart

p.s. sorry for the EXTRA long post. wasn’t expecting that i would write this much. lol.


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