global warming? psh. understatement.

whew… back. see? told you i would update today, and i did. very proud of this.

anyways, i’m back on the internet. spent my day reading The Alchemyst by Michale Scott. As to why it was written as ‘alchemyst’ and not ‘alchemist’ is really new to me. probably to accentuate that this alchemist is rather different. i guess… and as you can figure out, yes, this book is about the legendary Nicholas Flamel and his charming and witty wife, Perenelle Flamel or Perenelle Delamere, the name she had adopted as a maiden.

still, vowing to read more this time, i just can’t abandon my obligations. as thrilling the book is, i still have things i got to do. my CV for example, and editing. a new set of editing. okay, i’m not complaining, but i just have to be honest and say that i’m tired. definitely tired. had my first japanese lessons today, which means i am now currently studying japanese, and mandarin. will in turn learn three with an additional of french. busy girl.

i think i have to actually collect myself before all of this shenanigan and i’ve decided to just actually drop by here first and flood my emotions in this rather innocent blog. first of all, it’s hot.

like seriously?? global warming?? tsk. more like global boiling. i’m sweating like a pig and what’s worse is that i took a bath already. gross. perspiring all over is not such a good feeling. especially when you need your attention on thinking and focusing on the things that you’ve got to do aside from your sticky skin. i do care about the Earth, and Earth is suffering. Earth is a wonderful thing. for the most obvious reason, it is the only planet that has a history of having live organisms crawling on it. people should by now know that all the campaigns are not working. well, they’re not working enough. if this is continuing i think all the shouts and the demos would be such a waste. i know right, i’m cynical. but feel the air, taste it, smell it. it feels hot, it tastes salty like beads of sweat vapors and it smells like one of your car exhausts mixed with the odor of bad smelling human body. seriously guys, this has got to stop.

i reckon i should just stop ranting and start doing whatever it is that i have to do, eh? i know, and i’m sorry to have made you guys equally tired as i am for actually giving time reading my complaints.

seeing you around the corner, iggs.

mood: feeling hot

listening to: Heal The World – MJ


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