50 years of love~

hey fellow bloggers ๐Ÿ™‚

back. in the middle of art class now. i’m not actually being rebellious here, my group and i is actually done with our mural which is why i am now free to do whatever i want to do, including writing my blog ๐Ÿ˜‰

okay, the title can be misleading, but i just got the idea of writing this down. i was in the middle of browsing deviantart.com (fyi it’s a picture or art site. lots of poems, photos etc.) i came across a very sweet picture of a young couple back in the old days carrying a baby girl. straight away, i get the picture of my gramps and grams. last Sunday, i went to the Shangrila hotel to celebrate my gram’s 76th birthday which means that my gramps would be 78 already. from what i know, my grams married my gramps at the age of 26.

okay, with a scientific calculator in hand (exaggeration) i found out that they were married for 50 years already. and they are still going strong. sometimes i’m imagining things like ending up like them when i’m finally married and old. i want to be like them. my gramps have suffered diabetes for a very long time now. as time goes by, his disease worsened. he could now barely walk and he needs insulin injection every hour or two. to be honest, it was a really pathetic sight. idk how she could just cope with his condition everyday. she too is also suffering a little leg problem here and there… of course, she isn’t as strong as she once was, but she was always hanging on. being 76, she needed to cook for my cousins (since my aunt passed away just 2 years ago). so obviously, her load work increases by the year when she was supposed to technically have her pension. after cooking, she would most likely shop for groceries and then when she came back in the afternoon, she should again, bathe my gramps and then inject him with the insulin. it goes on for the rest of her days and her years.

i’ve always thought that the books wasn’t realistic. that everything was just too good to be true when you see this couple; either the boy or the girl suffering from the disease and the other pair vowed to never leave. i thought it wouldn’t be like that in real life. but it does happen. my gramps could barely reached his toes now, and when he needed it clipped, my grams would really summon all of her energy to clip those yellow thick toenails (i know it does sound disgusting, but our nails do thicken with age)

i did this observation quietly and you should see my face when i did that. i was like smiling all the way. like literally. idk why, but i feel so blessed. i hope that somehow in my later life, i would find that someone whom i would love so much until i would sacrifice anything for him. and vice versa. i really hope that i will.

*sigh* i’m going to leave now. i’ll update another post a little later… until then!!

mood: flexible

listening to: Don’t Say You Love Me – M2M


2 thoughts on “50 years of love~

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