t . i . r . e . d

okay. this would be a fairly short post.

as you can see from the title — basically it said it all. i’m TIRED. so friggin’ tired!!

idk how i survived this past week. sleeping constantly at 12, 1 and 2 AM. i really need a sleeping schedule. haven’t been updating here for a while. mian-hamnida for that, but i got a lot of work to do. since editing and some major essays are completed already, i’m free to actually write here again. tee hee ~ sorry for abandoning. 😥

catching up: i did some recycling competition. didn’t win, but it was a lot of fun. guess what my friends and i made? a bikini!! seriously… ridiculous, but really cracktastic. will post a picture of it here. my friend got one with her, so imma have to ask her first. and also, i had another cricket competition today. my team, the Valkyries went second after Wildcats. but still, our school basically won the whole thing. i’m so proud. i couldn’t figure out how i could still manage to stay in the game when my limbs felt like jello already. really, i’m breaking down.

this whole thing about sleep deprivation is really making me suffer. constant yawning, frequent memory loss… i really have to catch up on some major zzzss…

well, see ya blog. until then.

mood: tired, but extremely happy. (and that’s what matters… right?)

listening to: Let Go – Frou Frou


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