tossing and turning

i was thinking on writing this blog this morning, when everyone has not come yet.

was here at 7.30 AM… but then the internet connection fails me. why am i not surprised?

okay… really, idk why this is. but i dreaded this day. and this is not good. a bad start on a day will result in a bad mood at the end of the day right? not good… tsk. not good. it’s not really anything, but you know that feeling where you kind of have an inkling that something bad’s gonna happen to you. and you just don’t like that feeling. if i, as a normal human can feel that, i wonder what a psychic would feel like when they can predict the future. for once, i’m grateful having the normal rated senses that i have now. really really grateful.

April is going by soon.. and May is approaching so fast. i said this a hundred times before this, but i really really mean it. time moves really fast. when you think that an hour is really long, it’s not. july: 16th birthday 😀 and holiday!! hopefully. and okay, to be honest, idk what else to write. i’m really dull today 😥 probably because i have been lacking sleep a lot for this past week. been sleeping at 12, 1 and 2 AM everyday now. i know it’s not good, but i can’t help it. i tend to sleep late for no reason. i really have to get out of this bad habit.

i know this post is really a drab, but this is one of the things that i need to share in order to not make my mood worse. at least, someone or something in this case knows of my condition… even though it’s only imaginary, it’s comforting. i don’t feel left out. sort of. well, hopefully this week, i will be able to go to PI and go to Kinokuniya because my friend told me that there is a big sale going on in there. and you know me, i LOVE bookstores. love it, adore it, and.. dedicated (a new vocab my friend told me) everything related to books: me likey. so i most likely will spend my whole freshman year of uni in the campus’s library. i’ll bring my bolster along if i actually can sleep in the library, which is just not possible.

had lots to do. editing, communication skills essay, and Bahasa Indonesia exercises. and i’m spending my time writing my blog. lol. classic. i really need a break.. from say, life. i really do.

mood: scared

listening to: You’re Not Alone – Saosin


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