gr.10 = awesomeness

hello blog 🙂 or should i say… goodnight blog? either way.

i was just back from the movies. caught a 9 PM movie: When in Rome. i should say that i like the movie. since it’s a romance (duhh~) and because kristen bell is just SO PRETTY in that movie that i as a girl just couldn’t stop staring. don’t get me wrong though.. i’m still attracted to boys regardless.

today’s even in my school was of course related to yesterday’s earth day. as to why they held the event today, i have no idea. probably because today’s a friday, which explains it by all means. we did some things today. making paper collages, did some recycling crafts and a mini skits (something like a drama. a short one…). we are to compete with the other classes. you know what’s funny? we were hopeless, but in the end… won 😀 i know right? awesome. i just couldn’t help contemplating how awesome we are. i just have to give my class one standing ovation. in the middle of brainstorming for the mini skits, we were like… lost. literally. everyone was suggesting a drop out and i never thought that we would actually do the real skits let alone winning it. it was THAT bad. but then the odds turned towards us and we won. still seem surreal to me, but oh well. surreal things happens everyday right?

if you think about it… the times that i complained about school, about life, about friends:  countless. but then when i think again, i’m grateful that my parents spotted this school on a newspaper ad 14 years ago. been in this school since i was two and despite suffering along the way, i’m extremely blessed. i wouldn’t have developed my love for writing, i wouldn’t have been friends with my imagination, and i wouldn’t have met such awesome people who i can call friends.

we went through a lots of bumps and stones on the way, even though we are such a tight knit class, it didn’t stop us from gossiping our friends behind our backs. as rotten as it sounds, we just couldn’t help it. we are just human right? but i just couldn’t help but smile from the fact that even when we look like we’ve broken apart, we stayed together for the sake of it.

i just want to say that I LOVE MY FRIENDS. EVERY BIT OF THEM . i’ve thought about times where we would eventually graduate and go our separate ways. i still have two years ahead of me, being a sophomore at high school, but the nearer we get from finishing this grade, the more i get scared of losing them. i’ll be in junior year of high school this july, and i just couldn’t help but notice that everything went so fast. i’m afraid of losing them. there… i said it. because you cannot just find friends like mine anywhere else you know? i like it this way, … and when time couldn’t even stop, i wished for a fragment of a second that it would.

i wasn’t planning to write a long post though… but it looks like i got carried away. anyway,  i should probably get going. i have an early head start tomorrow morning. should wake up at 5 AM and start getting ready because i have to attend some competition in jakarta. and guess what’s the theme of the competition is? of course!! Earth Day!

ciao blog. it’s been nice introducing you to my friends. i just hope that we will stay this way forever.

-iggs ❤

mood: tired-proud

listening to: Graduation Song – Vitamin C


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