once again, a late night post. or should i say, a post before bed. 😀

have to admit that it’s not a really good day. messed up on my role play today. as shitty as it sounds, i’m trying to be okay with it. i don’t want to get stressed out over something that has passed, and my teacher told me that the discussions was all that matters and that the little panic attack won’t result in my group losing marks. so what the hell?! i just don’t want to think about it again.

before anything else was said, HAPPY EARTH DAY. do you know what’s funny? i tweeted this on twitter and some random person told me to give him or her a break and say that happy earth day is what the obamabots tweeted. plus, the earth day is something that killed God (?) if i was not mistaken? but that person has something going wrong in her/his brain. that’s fosho. but oh well, i would just be wasting time if i think about such silly things like that. btw, i painted my nails green with purple sparkles for earth day 🙂 feeling good about it. even though i have my lap top on like for most of this day, i still love the earth. thinking of not bringing a laptop to school tomorrow, and see how it will turn out ^^

besides on having a wrecked role play, personally i don’t think that this day is really good either. i just don’t feel this day for anything worthy. when you get everything over and over and over again like a routine, you just don’t see anything special in it anymore. sometimes insignificance is a good thing. when you just get tired of the spotlight and would just want some peace and quiet for yourself or maybe to share with a best friend too. there’s the beauty with being insignificant. you just can get away with something you don’t want others to detect with their senses. being invisible for once, or being a fly on a wall… that’s being insignificant. it sounds appealing to know somebody else’s secrets without them knowing yours. and that’s what we call insignificance. as i’ve said in my previous post, everything has two sides. insignificance can be seen as something pathetic or lonely, but then again, the brighter side has much more to offer.

until then… gonna catch some Zzzs. because this girl has nothing else to offer… drained because today is such a rough day. goodnight–~

mood: passed as okay

listening to: River Flows in You- Yiruma


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