hello blog! i didn’t visit you yesterday, and felt a little blue already.

today is the 21st of april, 2010. i’m not reciting the date for no reason… today is kartini day!! plus my grandpa has his birthday today! haven’t called him since i was kinda late for school today. so i rushed everything. i have to put up a reminder to call him tonight. anyway, kartini day today, most of the students in this school is expected to wear ‘batik’ . some sort of traditional patterned attires.

not visiting you yesterday, the wallflower felt a little blue. but then again, i had regained my color bit by bit. i had progress in terms of communication. i’m finally speaking again with her! lol. idk why i’m so happy, but i’m not the type who can be angry for a long long time. i guess i’m happy to be this way. easy going. perfect.

so today i’ve decided that my current color would be pink! shedding some blue off my skin, i’m tired of being sad all the time. so now i’m going to be a pinky me! — until then. i think i’m going to enjoy my kartini day! will try to catch up with you later at night. i will try my hardest to make time since now i have my communication skills to worry about plus some editing to do. well, see ya later blog!


iggs ❤

mood: pink!

listening to: Want You Back – SECRET


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