just another alter ego…

alter… meaning: change to be different.

ego… meaning: self; consciousness of our own identity

this is a really subjective matter. as to you agreeing or not, it doesn’t matter. but personally, i do believe this.

it sounds really silly when you see that the evil and the good is separated in movies. don’t you think that it’s actually the other way around? that evil and good is actually in one being together? i’m not trying to be philosophical or anything; this is just some spontaneous thought that dashed in my brain. something that caught you straight away.

i believe in one person, they will have their own good and bad side. it’s probably up to us to actually choose which path that we’re taking. either the good one, or the bad one. yes, either of them. but basically almost everything has two sides, right? even rumors has their own two fake sides.

but really, i somehow think that the two alter egos are like sisters. twins, perhaps. even when they have two contrastingly different personalities, they are there to support each other. if you think about it, you cannot be good to a bad guy and bad to a good guy right? so the bad alter ego is there for you to deal with bad guys and the good alter ego is there for you to deal with the good guys… the thing is, they might be twins, but they’re dead opposite from each other.

keeping it short. i just feel like posting this up to store away my thoughts. this can be some kind of a reflection for me, i guess… yea, you can call it that. i always feel that there is two people inside this one body, controlled by one brain. in a way, you don’t feel so alone anymore, because you know that you’re not. call me crazy, but having the sense that you have someone inside of yourself to support you when even your closest best friend or your mom is not there to support you is very comforting. call it the ‘imaginary friend’. although imaginary, that friend will be the most loyal.

okay, that’s it i guess. had an assessment tomorrow, a communication skills group role play. and i just about remember only half of my 7 paged script. darn it. tomorrow would be a long day. thinking of sleeping early for the sake of it. until then blog~ i’ll be seeing you in my dreams.

mood: sleepy

listening to: What If… – NINA


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