the P.L.U.R.R life

P.L.U.R.R — you might ask what this PLURR life is all about. well, i found the term P.L.U.R.R on; a website containing works of arts. most of them photographies, but some of them are writings as well.

P.L.U.R.R stands for Peace. Love. Unity. Respect. Responsibility

when i first encounter this, i think this is wonderful. simple, cutting edge, but deep as well. PLURR. i like it 😀

anyways, here’s the promised update of what today is all about. school’s basically fine. i find nothing wrong with it aside from the usual drag of hours. plus, my newly made math book is apparently lost again, now by my class mate. i don’t blame her though. she is one of my nicest friends. we’ve been friends since i was like two and i know she didn’t lose the book on purpose. still, that’s a pressing matter. another one is that communication skills assessment is coming near. i’m still clueless as to what it can result but hopefully, we can get around it excellently.

but the problem lies ahead. when my mom started lecturing me again. you see? this is why i just about hate parent teacher conferences, and psychologist visits. with a couple of tests and reports they act like they’ve known you for your whole life. wrong people. that’s just wrong. i don’t care anymore if she said ‘i just knew the other side of you’. if there is another side of me, in which i, as the being, is not completely aware of, then so be it. i’m tired of all this arguing with my mom specifically. she said it’s getting immature. then why continue it? she kept ranting on about my negative aspects referring on some crumpled piece of paper that is probably now inside my bin.

come on! rome wasn’t built in a day. prioritizing is NOT and i repeat, NOT an easy thing to do. okay, i probably mess up in prioritizing earlier, but so what? i bet you did some mistake as well.. not self denying, not self supporting, but i know that i’m right for once. cutting on my speeches this time will not let you go through this; why don’t you put yourself in my shoes? looking at MY perspective, and see how difficult it is my mother has made it for me.

done with complaining. i just don’t want to think anymore. Monday is almost over, and after completing my assessment, posting it on mediafire, sending it via twitter to my friends, brushing my teeth and washing my face, it would eventually be officially over for me. can’t wait.

so this is my last post for the day. hoping for a brighter tomorrow as always. –iggs

mood: introspective

listening to: Help! – BEATLES


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