“if life gives you lemons, there are two choices. 1. a sour face; 2. make lemonades” :D –LOVE HAPPENS

morning world! 😀

today’s morning post is / was (in this case) written in the classroom. i have just– just completed my assessment. i spent a whole 8 minutes just for this presentation of Giant Panda that i have prepared months ago. so i’m obviously really jittery. the minimum limit is really 5 minutes, but i get so nervous that i would not pass the time limit so i did more spontaneous research. i was crazy, even when i didn’t show it. anyway, i really feel relieved now after having done the presentation.

moving on, it’s Monday! yeay– (note the sarcasm). but i really want to make myself pass this day with a good mood. i’m done with bad moods. hating them… i want to regain cheerfulness in life, and say bye-bye to sullen face *kicks to garbage bin* let’s get the act of spring resolution running!! but seriously i have to be extra tough today to complete my task. because Monday means math after lunch, and piano lessons down the corner. but i can do it right??!! yes, i can.

full of my optimistic spirits i should probably go now. will post some more later tonight with an update of my condition after an exhausting day. wish me luck !! ~

all the love in the world ❤ ❤  iggs

mood: pertaining to a happy mood.

listening to: Lemonade – Chris Rice


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