like a roller coaster

thinking of posting one last post before going to bed.

confirming time and date, today is the 19th of April – 1:24 AM indonesian time (GMT +7)

haven’t sleep even though already so so sleepy.

do you as readers notice that my posts differs everyday? my mood, the songs i listen to… they are never static. as much as i’ve expected, we all have dynamic lives. but i never thought that my ‘teenage life’ would be so … like this. i hope by turning sixteen this year would not make me much worse as a person. i do sound like i worry too much, but i never want to end up being no good. despite being angry with my parents earlier, i love them, and i want to make them proud.

must. control. hormones.

but i am tired of this roller coaster ride. being happy in a minute and sad in another. anger, content, spent, hurt, excited, relieved… all in one body. it’s exhausting. i do hope that somehow i get to pass this phase of life where everything turns upside down at the wrong place and the wrong time. i just hope that i could hang in here a little longer…

anyways… i’m not going to let my spirit falter. if life gives me a hundred reasons to cry, i should show life that i have a thousand reasons to smile and laugh. it wouldn’t be fair if the circumstances are not like that, right? i’ll still do my best to fulfill my spring resolution!

ganbatte kudasai (keep your spirits up! – in Japanese)

until then… goodnight 😀 dream of good bugs tonight.


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