don’t you pull that guilt card on me!– okay, i surrender

morning everyone! yes, it’s morning in here, and i just had P.E with the rest of my classmates. we played Dutch ball with the wind blowing and the sun shining. i might say that today is my first P.E in weeks when i’m actually, really sweating. P.E used to be lame, but today was fun! even though my team lost both games =.=a — but i have a good morning today. how about you guys?

looking back at the title, yes, i am guilty. at least, i was guilty. i have to say that this is the other thing about me that is just bad. beside being like a soda pop, i’m also just a piece of bread. a soggy one. i get angry, but then when that supposedly other person apologize, i just cannot stop feeling guilty. people are just smart that way, you know? they know what you’re weak at, and attack you with that knowledge that they hold.

as i seem to have realized, problems come everyday, which is inevitable. yesterday we came across a problem that resulted in the whole of my class inside the principle’s office having a ‘private talk’. intimidated more likely. but oh well, if she insisted on doing it then so be it. anyways, i went out of that office fine and alive and i was already so thankful for that fact itself. otherwise, today and yesterday had been great. a bit flustered in the beginning but nothing that i couldn’t handle. i have to be a tough girl to complete my spring resolution. (yes, i’m determined to actually fulfill them) and i will try to do my best to finish this second term of the second semester so that i can graduate the sophomore year of high school satisfactorily.

😀 going now blog. i’ll probably catch up with you soon. it’s math time. good news: teacher’s not here! (yipee yeay); bad news: he’s well enough to leave us some assignments. plus, i do have a communication role play script that i wouldhave to complete and some editing to do from this forum that i joined. so… see you later!

mood: fresh-happy

listening to: First of May – Olivia Ong


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