–rock paper scissors–

morning blog 🙂 morning world!

i’m back… and thankfully in a better mood than before.

oh wait, i was a bit flustered just now because i couldn’t find the button to the radio center of a forum, but oh well, i’m recovered now.

phew… i have the feeling that today will be a long day, you know? i started fine today. did some music and continued on my bulletin board. got some progress today… i just have to round up the rest of the group to catch up on May. because i refuse, in any way possible, to have extra stress and confusion when exams are dawning. not ever…!

another complaint was rising up, and it looks like we are going to do a demo pretty soon. i’ve always hated mobs; blah– don’t like it. never ever. it’s actually the problems between the moms and dads, but then again, we, as newly made teens have our own opinion about this. huh~ i’m hoping that these stuff doesn’t get filtered through to us though… because as you know, i myself am struggling to control my problems either personally and academically and i don’t need extra things to stuff on my shoulders.

right… today’s okay.. except for the fact that today i will have three dragging subjects in a row. maths, chemistry, and physics. how cool is that? but well, since i’m going to enroll for being a science student i think i have to get used to this by now eh?

going off now… math teacher’s late apparently. hip-hip-hooray! ~ but i don’t think it will be for long. my homeroom teacher became balder than he already is (if that’s possible) to find him. *sense the hyperbole* and i think the math teacher realized that he was late and would rush to us in an instance. darn homeroom teacher.

well, see ya in a bit 😀

mood: well

listening to: Let Go – M-Flo


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