okay. a morning post 🙂

i’m not supposed to be typing today, but i missed you, my blog… so i tried to write again today.

fine, first lesson today… geography. and then the dreaded maths >.< which reminds me, my math teacher LOST my book.. yes, you heard me right, lost my book when i have written all of those crucial formulas needed for my exams.

plus, in geography, i’m newly appointed as the sudra of my group. we are now currently studying these caste systems in India. being a sudra in a group work is i might say, not bad. not in a society though… being ignored for an hour is okay, since i can do my own thing you know, like twitter-ing and blogging 😀 which is a fun thing. add to that, i get a new promising (completed) fan fiction on the go and my trusteed idol blog has just given out MORE pictures and MORE infos… which is heaven in days like these.

okay, enough for now. relieved that somehow i managed to update my blog in such a short time. it’s now study skills time and i need all the concentration that i could muster. we are now talking about organizing and neatness.

until then. ciao…


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