a shaken soda pop

first day of school after a week of spring break. a VERY short spring break.

being a good girl as i am *coughsfakercoughs* –okay, i was usually a good girl when it concerns school stuff, but lately, not anymore, or that i wish, not for the time being.

so to say, i’m a shaken soda pop that has waited too long for release. you know that time when suspense and tension is high in the air? that’s how i am when i get angry. i don’t get angry every so often; unlike my friends who is vocal both verbally and literally, i can only express the whole of my feelings when i’m writing. so here i am ranting on my day; expect a rather long post.

i have to say that when i do get pissed, i strain them inside. held on to it for dear life, because it comes as a usual thing for me to keep most of my feelings to myself. don’t get me wrong– i have supportive parents and friends who i can rely on, plus two sisters that is very trustworthy. it’s just the way i am, i know it’s not a very good aspect of me, but it’s a habit that is hard to break.

the bad thing is that when i finally burst, which i eventually will, it’s like those things when you shook the soda can and tweaked it open. all of the content came out in some sort of rush that you get your hands sticky with the leftover sugar. that is probably why people say i look scary when i’m angry, because i do and i’m finally realizing.

anyway, i’m just writing this post because i finally get pissed with my piano teacher. she is those teachers who still has a traditional way of thinking to say it softly. she demands too much and hears too little. at least, i want her to be more considerate because i was having a slightly bad day at school. idk if my best friend intentionally snaps at me but she did, and the first day of school should always be nerve-wrecking, shouldn’t it? so, that’s about it i guess… gonna go to bed early today, just for the sake of it.

mood: angry-tired; drained

listening to: kiss me – BLINK


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