.reality check.

hey blog! morning post from me here!

this will be my first short post ever… i know that the long posts has been a pill but i couldn’t stand it! writing is like breathing to me.

anyways… i was reading this fanfic online on some forum. it appears to be a sad ending where you know, the girl dies and the boy is plunged into a thick misery in which he swears he could never go out.. yeah, yeah.. the usual stuff

the girl was apparently suffering from acute myeloid leukemia. like any other fanfics, usually readers commented about them and i saw one comment that struck me deep. she’s a girl, i presume, by looking at her avatar and she said that her mother passed away 9 years ago by that same disease.

you see, i’m not such an optimist to the point that i didn’t know that this world is full of hardships, but i’ve always thought that things that happened in fanfics are just too epic and i find myself gawking when i discover that it does happen in reality.

so that’s my not so short post. i just couldn’t help myself.

i feel really lucky…

mood: grateful

listening to: Wasurenaide – DBSK

credit: (picture) http://srcomblog.files.wordpress.com/2009/02/reality-check-for-big-pharma-and-medicare-part-d.jpg


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