so i’m back. yea… 2 posts in 1 day, you must be fed up with me aren’t you blog?

oh well, so, it might be a little late for me to discuss this, but i was just back from a movie marathon with my mom and sister. we watched My Name is Khan and Remember Me. i have to say that those two movies held nothing in common… except that the main character’s lives in both movies are affected by that incident.

me discussing this even though what? 9 years has passed.. i know this is still quite sensitive. i’m not trying to dictate any religion and if i do sound like i did then… sorry in advance. but i’m quite confused. being Catholic in a country where the majority is Muslim, i find myself really okay with that.

in my sixteen years of experience, i have to say that even though God is all good and right, religion is not without flaw, just because men is flawed. you know? there are times where religion itself makes a wrong turn, just because men made the wrong turn. and i think we shouldn’t make ourself to prejudice people from different religions… because we have all sinned and i think it is not right for us who have sinned to tell anybody else that they have sinned.

hhh~ enough with the religion stuff… i know it bores you to death. on a lighter note, i simply ❤ both movies. i think they are just plain awesome. (i say that about every movie that i watch, but who cares?) i have to give some credit to Robert Pattinson for his superb acting in this movie, but i have to say that he is already so full with his Edward Cullen image that it is a bit weird to see him act not as a vampire. nonetheless, i love him more in this movie rather than in the twilight saga… no offense twihards. :p

Shahrukh Khan is… for the fact that he acts really convincingly as a person suffering Asperger, i’m really touched. this is my second Bollywood movie that i’ve watched apart from Slumdog Millionaire… and i might say that both of them doesn’t disappoint me. very moving indeed.


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