i’m a cold hot chocolate

do you know that feeling where you wanted everything to be okay but then you ended up making it a notch worse?

say it’s A and B. hypothetically.

B is a really annoying person.. A scolds B leaving B getting miserable and sad all by himself. After B is in his misery, A suddenly realize that she had just stooped down to his level to even get angry with his childish pranks and grumps.

it’s like when you get angry with someone that makes you feel bad, you feel bad afterwards as well. it’s like opening up the Pandora Box, digging your own grave of guilt. if none of this makes sense to you, well bottom line, the feeling doesn’t feel good. period.

plus i’ve looked at my previous posts. as a feedback. and what i found shocked me… not most severely, but it was quite a shock. i’ve always thought that i was someone who was in the least, okay with life. i know i have a couple of problems, but i never thought that i am that bad when dealing with troubles. when i saw my previous posts, i thought that it was someone else’s writings and not mine. i refuse to believe that i was the one who had grumbled and complained about all of those stuff when really, life has lots more to offer.

so now… since the new year has passed, i’ve decided on a spring resolution. i cannot promise to actually make it come true, but i will try as hard as i can. i promise to try my best and just do it. however hard it may be, i’m willing to try harder and do better. okay there. i said it.i wrote it.

i don’t want to have to regret everything afterwards. because when the rice turns to porridge, you cannot do anything else could you?

mood: fine

listening to: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger – DAFT PUNK

p.s. Happy Easter y’all!


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