a usual Sunday…

okay… it is now 10 past 7 PM Indonesian time… and i still couldn’t sleep.

the right term would be i still couldn’t sleep yet because i still have some things to do. but in truth, i’m hella sleepy.

well, it is just a normal Sunday morning for me. not really normal in a sense, but it doesn’t feel different either. it is just good. i was supposed to go to the church this morning at 6.30 AM but i didn’t wake up since i slept at like 11 on Saturday… today i woke up at 7… ate breakfast and didn’t even take a bath (gross i know) and changed to an appropriate apparel for today’s cricket competition. i’m with the SBR Valkyries (SBR – Sekolah Bogor Raya a.k.a Bogor Raya School when translated to English) i was pretty stunned + happy at the same time at my performance on the game because i did manage to do a couple of good bowls and even bowled one of the cricketer. so i’m pretty happy with that. and i did some batting as well… a chance that i didn’t get so often. i have to say that the most memorable part was when it suddenly rained and i was drenched and soaked. i’m a naughty girl… despite having flu, i’m still hard headed enough to play 😀 very proud of that.

and then we  had lunch in my grandma’s sister’s house. a little gathering since she just got back from the states. it was some kind of a tradition for the family from my mother’s side to gather up when they got back from the states. that was okay as well. i took a nap afterwards and went to the 7PM church since i didn’t get to go in the morning. today’s Palm Sunday and for the fact that i haven’t gone to the church for approximately two weeks with the eye illness and the Australia trip going on, i made up my mind that I HAVE to go this time. when the mass ended, my family and i drove straight up to McD and had a late dinner there.

so that is my not so ordinary but not so different Sunday. i have been delaying putting the pictures that i’ve promised from my last posts, but i will surely make time for it next weekend. trying to focus and just study for my biology examinations tomorrow. wish me luck dears 😉

(p.s. i come to realize that most of my posts are started with an ‘okay’. my favorite starting word!! )

mood: fine

listening to: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger – DAFT PUNK


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