‘Cos you have a bad day…

have i mentioned that my class only consisted of 20 people?? yes.. twenty. and i might add that one grade has only one class. which means that gr. 10 has only twenty students. believe me, a sophomore high school year with only twenty students.. it does feel weird, but i get over that fact. the point is, having only 19 friends in the same grade, you get really close with each other. we are a really tight knitted class and nearly everyone knows everyone’s problems.

as the title had said… today is a bad day. not for me personally, but to a lot of my friends. well for me, today might not be a very good day because i am officially flu-ed today. (if there is such a word as flu-ed. i’m convinced, there isn’t.), and also for the a couple of zits here and there, and also… i just sneezed for the 38th time since the i woke up (yes, i counted). so yea, i’m not in a really good condition right now, but aside from that… i’m fine.

two of my friend went through an ’emotional’ break down right now. a.k.a crying. for a lot of people, crying at this age, is something that is embarrassing. but not to me. i think crying is a way of expressing yourself when you couldn’t. that is why you cry. i guess we are really going through a lot these days, esp. as a class. when i thought that the horrible ‘puberty stage’ was all over, now i know that i’m very wrong from the start. that was just the beginning, and now, we are going through it. either academically, mentally, and also environmentally… we are really struggling to adapt with the real world.

it doesn’t matter why my friends cry, but i know for sure that they both cried from being disappointed, not because they felt guilty or anything. it is purely for a reason that they are frustrated with themselves… that they have condemned all of their problems inside their hearts, and when it no longer fits, it finally burst out.

as my previous posts have shown, i’m not a professional when it comes to dealing with my own emotions either. but what i do know is that people gets disappointed everyday. a happy day will not be always happy without anything sad interfering with it and a sad day will not always be full of tragedy. we live in a community, not a jungle. and that is why we could always rely to the people whom we can count on. because i know how it feels like when the world feels crashing down on you and you only have yourself to rely on… the situation isn’t pretty… and i never want to be like that again in my life. period.

as a wise man had said… : a bad day comes and goes

i used to doubt that a long time ago. if it does comes and goes, why did it come so quickly and never goes away?? but then, you should just bear with it. the more you complain, the more it will get stuck to your brain and rot in it. i believe that all people would never want to be miserable for the rest of their lives, so i guess we should just cope with all of our troubles and just do it despite being sick and tired of it.

a really long post about something that is not quite important. and i’ve spoiled myself again. 😀

until then peeps…

mood: well….

listening to: bad day – DANIEL POWTER


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