A trip to the land DOWN UNDER

i have been putting this off for a long time, so i’m now tightening my belt and my determination to write about this … stuff.

okay… so despite having visa delays and hotel exchanges and provisions, we finally went there… to be exact, on the 14th of  march. to be honest, i don’t know why i don’t feel that excited, by i am sure very nervous. seriously, the farthest place i’ve ever been without my family is to Singapore, and i felt minor homesickness even then. so naturally, with me being nervous and all, i got stomach cramps and couldn’t sleep until 3 am.

i was thinking of not going that day, but then again, i knew i would then be wasting a hell of a lot of money if i did that… so i went and surprisingly, it’s not that bad. i went through a lot before going to Australia. a red eye, stomach cramps, home work catching up, last minute projects and also some forum home works.

the trip to Sydney, Australia was about 7 hours and i unfortunately (again) couldn’t sleep on the plane. and guess what i watched?? BRIGHT STAR!!! YES!! i finally get to watch that movie that i have been wanting to watch for ages. we boarded the plane at 8 pm Indonesian time and was off the plane at 3 am Indonesian time- 7 am Australian time. with the lack of sleep and the minor jet lag that i felt, our first activity was so…..zzzzzz. i couldn’t bear it.

basically our purpose of going there is going to a couple of universities, colleges and such. we went to Macquarie, UTS-Insearch, Blue Mountains Hotel School, Taylor’s, and UNSW. apart from some boring presentations, i’m not complaining 😉 in truth, i’m a girl who enjoys that kind of thing and a trip to some uni s are fun! (weird i know). PLUS i met some cute boys… haha..typical right? couldn’t say that they are good looking, but they have this charisma that makes me melt (sounding like a fangirl).

the way back was a little more tolerable. 7 hours didn’t feel like a long time. it was a movie marathon for me. i watched ‘All About Steve’ which starred Sandra Bullock, and may i add that she acted really good in that movie. fun and refreshing. and then it was ‘An Education’ starring Carey Mulligan, Rosamund Pike and Emma Thompson. I wrote a review about it earlier >>(LINK) and i watched ‘My One and Only’. it was recommended by a friend of mine who was OBSESSED and when i mean obsessed i mean OBSESSED. and then it was Jakarta again.

i did have some fun there. and i sort of miss Sydney. for the reason that i still cannot get over the trip, my analog part of the watch was still set to Sydney time while the digital part of my watch was already Indonesian time. i bought a couple of things… oh, and i’ll post pictures if i have time, but for now, this is all that i can write. until then….

annyeong 🙂


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