‘Sometimes an education, isn’t by the book’ AN EDUCATION

first post for today. i’ll post some others later.

again, another movie review from me. i watched this movie on my way back from Sydney to Jakarta, on the plane. More about Syd later, but i totally ADORE this movie. old movie are scarce nowadays, and i feel like treasuring it after watching.

okay, so it is not about all those aliens and weird robots that are trending today (not that i’m against them)… it is about a growing up movie set in the late 18th century.

what attracts me the most is how it is thick with romance (obviously). the clothes, the songs, the characters, their personalities, their words… everything, literally…. it draws me closer to the lifestyle of people living on the late 18th century, and i ❤ that.

as a plus, the movie starred Emma Thompson, and she is just fantastic! also, Rosamund Pike and Carey Mulligan is just…. classically gorgeous. i just about gawked at how pretty they are.

a thrilling movie, moving at an adequate pace… a story about Jenny and David being in love. but it looks like Jenny is getting less than what she bargained for.

“Action’s character. So I guess if you never do anything, you never become anyone”


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