managing stress?? duhh~ like it’s gonna work on me

okay. i’m looking like a whiny brat right now complaining of how life sucks. but that’s not the case. the thing is… i AM tired. you can say that i’m in the same boat as all of my friends, but we all have different perceptions on what we are facing, and i must say that with the minor jet lag and all (aussie thing…upcoming post ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) i’m still not ready to put my brain on stake and do 2 tests…yes, 2… and not to mention physics AND chemistry. how cool is that?

as result to my stress, i get so panicky that i cannot do anything. thus…here i am. sitting in front of viv listening to new songs i just downloaded of f to soothe my tingled nerves. wish me luck everyone. because as one had said, “if you’re going through hell, you better learn something from it.” and i am DETERMINED to learn something out of it. to think about it, going through hell is not an easy thing to do… but when you go out learning nothing, then it is when you know you’re that stupid.

what makes it more ironic is that we should write a ‘reflective learning journal’ on managing stress for our study skills unit. i was like half laughing sarcastically half hysterically. i know i’m so incompetent right now for saying all of this, but trust me, i’m trying as hard as i can to actually stop complaining and just do my things.

quoted from nay (my friend) : “as i’ve said before, i don’t handle my stress. i let it be there in my system until it rots and dies with me

fine…that might be too much. but oh well… adolescent years is all about exaggerating and hyperbole isn’t it?? i might as well take my chances.

mood: the obvious. stressed out.

listening to: under pressure – DAVID BOWIE & FREDDIE MERCURY


3 thoughts on “managing stress?? duhh~ like it’s gonna work on me

  1. actually, stress management can work on even you..

    some quick n’ easy suggestions

    1) when we’re stressed we tend to breath shallower/faster ( it’s that fight or flight thing).Doing this tells our unconscious that something’s wrong, which ups the stress cycle.Stopping to intentionally take long deep breaths activates the mind-body connection, helping us to de-stress/calm.( for a fast simple fix, try the 5/12/09 post on my blog at

    2)tell yourself better stories. Yes I know adolescent years go with exageration, but the truth is that if you consistantly tell yourself things like “i’m so stressed”, “stress management won’t work on me” and “I’m going through hell”, your unconscious mind hears you, believes you and does its best to make your beliefs true (and your unconscious is a powerful little buckaroo…). Just telling yourself better stories like “I can do this”, “I’ve handled worse than this” and ( my favorite for challenging days) “on to my next adventure…” can not only change your experience of the world, but also shape what happens

    3) use music to bring yourself back to center- something slowercalmermore positive. “Under pressure” is a great song and its slower pace can help calm you but the sharp tones and taut energy of it can pluck at your nerves. something relaxed would help you relax more

    hope that’s a help


    1. thank you foresightyourcypsychic ๐Ÿ™‚ your comment helped me
      i must say that i tend to think about the negative things first before the positive ones, (all people do that, don’t they?)
      but believe me when i say that i try to do my best.
      optimism is…. a choice. but at times like these, it is not something that is genuine. it’s more like a tool to help me cover up the bunch of negative things
      so that i could see that everything is alright and everyone around me could see that everything is alright. yeah… i know it’s bad to lie to myself, but it’s more like i want to believe that everything’s going to turn out okay.

      i will try on improving on my skills on managing stress. thanks for the tips ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. you’re welcome- glad I could help

    I find that, unless we work at it, most of us see the negatives first. Because the positive is comfortable but the negative are annoying little boogers that get in our face. Once again, it’s fight or flight and we notice negative first in theory to protect ourselves from harm but in practice it gives your immune system a beating

    Positive thinking has gotten a bad rap. I wouldn’t advocate lying to yourself, but many times the way we look at things and the stories we tell ourselves about it have a significant effect on how good or bad our actual experience is.

    Two similar people face the same test. One thinks “This is hard, but I’ve suceeded at hard things before.” The other one thinks “This is impossible! I’m going to flunk out, and end up homeless!…”

    Identical people.Identical test. Who do you think’s gonna pass?…

    I understand freaking out because of the overwhelm and needing to vent.I just thought you might like to know that the stories you tell yourself affect you

    Hang in there. You can do it. And it’ll all come together for you


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