Semi Hiatus– or not…

Hey hey… I’m back 😀

I have good news and bad news fusion right now.

The thing is, I found out that my eyes might be on ‘PERMANENT DAMAGE’ if I don’t treat it seriously (and I never did take it seriously). When my mom told me yesterday, I literally dropped my fork resulting in food scattering all over the floor (gross >.<)

So, I might take a longer break than I have expected. With all the stuffs going at school and the Australia Trip coming up (thank God it’s postponed… thank you Australian embassy 😀 ) I need a quick recovery as soon as possible.

So, I might not be here for a couple of days before I’m really sure that I can handle the redness or the sore nesting in my eyes. I’ll be around, but I probably will skip on some daily posts… (which means, you will not get to hear me complain in the next several days)

Until then… I can guarantee that this place would be the first thing I visit once I get better 😉



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