Excuse me… do you know the address to my ideas?

Okay… so now this post is pretty random. But I really do want to know where ideas really come from.

I mean, ideas are something that pops inside of your head at the weirdest time of all. EXAMPLE: showering; feeding my goldfish… times where you don’t really need your ideas. But once you really need your ‘friend’ they will then decide to clear off your head making you feel confused and blank all of a sudden. So mean…

For some reasons, now when I’m sitting in front of Viv (in case you’re wondering, Viv is the name of my lap top 🙂 don’t bother) I lost all sense of creativity and sat and wrote this post instead.

Just wondering. If I really get to know where my ideas live (and don’t say it lives inside my friggin’ brain, because it looks like they all live in different ‘special’ apartments) I will knock on their doors and explain to them politely that I want them to be prompt on time inside of  my head when I sit in front of Viv instead of getting weird visits when I’m in the loo.


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