Eyes are windows to the SOUL

Okay… so long story short… the reason why I wasn’t up here to update yesterday was because I got this HORRIBLE and EXCRUCIATINGLY PAINFUL…eye illness 😦

This is like the first time in the almost sixteen years of my life that I suffer this ‘disease’ (I’m not sure if it is one) and I swear that it hurts like h***.

Well, thank God that the worst part is over, but still, I couldn’t maneuver my eyes that easily… yet. And I probably am hallucinating, but the iris, along with the pupil of my eyes develops this thin translucent sheet so that now, instead of black, it is dark grey in color and also, a little milky. And my eyes looked like it was  internally bleeding because yesterday, the whites of my eyes went completely red. Thankfully, it now regains a little of its whiteness. I was scared that I might go blind :p (stupid. I know; but I was THAT scared)

Referring back to the title, if my eyes are the windows to my soul, I could pass as a really angry evil vixen. It comes to the point where I hate looking at myself in the mirror because the reflection it gave me was that of a horror one.

Enough of my whining and complaining. At least I managed to get some things done which I couldn’t possibly complete if I’m not sick. Like, spring cleaning my bedroom, and painting my nails purple (random stuff. I was and am still bored)

Listening to: Fight the Bad Feelings- TMAX

Here are the pics: (put it in links since it is just… gruesome)




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